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دبيب تطبيق تاجير سكوترات

The Future of Smart Mobility

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Dabeeb is a technical Saudi company specializes in Micro Moblilty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Vehicles

ماهو دبيب لتاجير السكوترات

What is Dabeeb?

Dabeeb aims to facilitate the movement and transportation of individuals and is looking for creating transportation that will take you to your journey as quickly as possible and allow people to move in its streets freely, smoothly and enjoyable By the way, the Dabeeb scooter is a Kafu scooter you can trust


How do you Use Dabeeb?

امسح الباركود من السكوتر من تطبيق دبيب وابداء الرحلة

Scan the barcode and go

سكوتر دبيب وسيلة امنه للتنقل

Feel Free,Dabeeb is a safe way to go home

تطبيق دبيب لتاجير سكوترات

It's so much fun!

صورة تطبيق دبيب من الداخل لسكوتر كهربائي
سعر الرحلة من سكوتر دبيب تطبيق دبيب
لماذا دبيب

Our goals

Why Dabeeb?

Roads and the Environment

The Kingdom's Vision 2030 sought to achieve environmental sustainability and advanced levels of environmental safety, so we are working to provide environmentally friendly rides using electric means of transportation to reduce harmful emissions

We are keen to perform our role to the fullest, and therefore we seek to work with the competent authorities and safety officials to improve roads for transportation throughout the Kingdom in a safe and enjoyable manner.

دراجات دبيب للطرق والبيئية وتحقيق الاستدامة
phone 14 pro max mockup banner dabeeb

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حمل تطبيق دبيب لتاجير السكوترات على الاندرويد

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